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Please bring sunblock, insect repellent, extra clothing, camera and sunshades.
Trip leaves 6:40am & returns at 5:00pm

Cave Tubing with Zoo Tour

A thrilling experience awaits those who take this tour. First a boat or plane will take you to Belize City where you will then take a bus for a short ride beyond the city to the jungle. Walking through the jungle, your guide will provide fascinating commentary about the native flora and fauna. To prepare for your excursion you will need to change into a pair of water shoes, old running shoes or strap on sandals. You will also be issued an inner tube that you will carry with you to the cave and river entrance. You will then have a relaxing ride downstream, as your personal inner tube floats you towards Belize’s massive underground cave system. Your headlight will illuminate the spectacular caves and fantastic stalactites and stalagmites. Later, you will enjoy a local lunch before heading to the Belize Zoo.....

History on Belize Zoo

The biggest little zoo in the world!

Please refer to the Zoo web site

Started in 1983, the Belize Zoo boldly worked to save a small group of native animals which that were featured in a film made about forests like those in Central America.

Surprisingly, in the early years, visitors to the zoo had little knowledge of the types of animals that lived in the natural local environment. Therefore, the Zoo curators realized the value of their efforts and the impact that they could have in the education of visitors and the people of their country.

In 2016, the Belize Zoo occupies a total of 29 acres of beautiful grassland. A key feature of the zoo is the Tropical Education Center, the Zoo and the Education Center care for hundreds of animals within their exhibits. Overall, these animals make up almost 50 species native to Belize. Across this incredible range of natural animal diversity, the zoo staff also take on rescued, orphaned and injured animals that need care and support through to rehabilitation. The zoo also accepts animals gifted to them from other organizations. Often these animals have no other future if not for the Belize Zoo.  

There is no doubt that visiting the Belize Zoo will provide you with a fabulous introduction to the amazing diversity of animals found in the wild in Belize and Central America.

The Belize Zoo plays a vital contribution to the preservation of the wildlife of the region and education of citizens and visitors about the precious diversity of the Flora and Fauna in one of the last remaining natural frontiers in the world.

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