Tranquility Bay Tour, Ambergris Caye

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Cook your catch on the beach!

What’s better than a full day trip of snorkeling, fishing and beach BBQ on a secluded beach in Ambergris Caye? It’s intimate, fun, tasty and very inexpensive. You are taken out on this adventure trip on one of our boats to the exclusive locations for snorkeling and fishing. After these activities we anchor in a secluded location yet ideal for a beach barbecue on our extensive white sand Caribbean island.

Our tour guides will barbecue seafood, even your catch if you wish, right in front of you on the beach ensuring the freshest & best barbecue experience possible.

You come to the beach, eat, drink and be merry. It’s that simple.

Choices include barbecue shrimp, lobster, fish & conch (seasonal).